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What is rice straw?

When rice is grown, part of what’s left over in the fields is the long grass that dries out and turns to straw. This straw needs to be cleared out before the next crop of rice can begin to grow.

Until recent times, a common practice has been to burn the fields to get rid of the unwanted rice straw but due to the expansion of cities and their now close proximity to rice fields this is no longer the favoured means to clear the fields. It is highly regulated these days.

Soil incorporation is an alternative but it is slow and can often cause disease in the next crop so this too is not a preferred method of clearing.

An ideal solution would be if the straw could be harvested and sold as a profitable commodity.

One such commodity is cattle feed. There is a paper from UC Davis (click here to download) which discusses this in more detail.

You can also check out this video from UC Davis on the subject of using rice straw to fuel biomass power plants:


What Is A Dutch Oven?

If you are just starting to develop a passion in cooking, and you happened to come across a recipe that requires you to use a Dutch oven, don’t shy away. You don’t need to go Holland just to get one. As soon as you discover the wondrous things this piece of equipment can do, you will definitely agree that it’s a type of cookware everybody should have.

So, what is a dutch oven? It’s a large, tightly-lidded, three-legged metal pan that is highly durable and very versatile. You can get a good idea of what it is by reading some good dutch oven reviews. It’s a cooking equipment that has become a necessity for campers. You have the option of putting it directly over a stove or an open fire. It comes in a variety of sizes, but the most common one is the 12-inch pot, probably because it can easily serve a group of 4-12 persons.

Aside from its durability and versatility, the Dutch oven features a bale handle, which allows you to handle it easier using a stick, as is normal when cooking over open fire. This pan is made of durable materials such as cast iron, steel, aluminum or enamel. Thus, your food will be kept warm for a longer period of time, than ordinary pots. Unlike thinner pots, the food will be cooked evenly in a Dutch oven.

It’s name has no exact roots, but it can be traced back to several theories. One theory tells of an Englishman who started casting pots after acquiring some inspiration from the Dutch’s specialized way of producing cast iron. Others relate it to how the early Dutch salesmen distributed this equipment by foot. This tells us that the Dutch oven has been in used by chuck wagon cooks, to feed the cowboys back then. In fact, it has been manufactured since the seventeenth century, so it’s expected to stay for good. For more about dutch ovens and where you can buy them see this link: http://www.newworldgrill.com/dutch-oven-reviews/

Cold Sore Information

Cold sores have been a puzzle to many due to the growing risk of infection and the absence of absolute diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, there has been a growing need to address such shortcomings as they might be potential carriers to perilous symptoms. But what is this illness? A question is rattled by many. Well, also called herpes libialis, cold sore is a mild but equally self-limiting infection that has gained an insignificant insight in the health of many forcing them to outreach critical health precautions.

Navigating the Protocol for Cold Sores

Basically, according to cold sore information sources including many home remedies for cold sores, it contains herpes simplex virus type 1 and an approximate value 20-40% of the world population has been cited to suffer from the virus. What the herpes simple virus does is that it opens opportunities for dramatically increased sores and small blisters on the perioral area and that of the lips. Such blisters are intolerably painful as they are closely associated with the liver. And although acquired at the childhood stage, it mainly advances with age. Therefore, many medical professionals are trying to gain a powerful portfolio of solutions and services by researching on its diagnosis and eventual treatment. Unfortunately, for people with severe and frequent re-occurrences, herpes libialis remains a nightmare and a significant problem.

Woman Eating StrawberryThese mouth lesions have been discovered to contain effects with longer durations and prolonged symptoms and to make it worse; they might possibly cause a major mobility for victims with immune complexities and untimely vaccine administration. Therefore, in such challenging circumstances, many health centers and especially the ones affiliated in the delivery of immune treatments and vaccine administration have proactively encouraged timely administration as no cure has been discovered for the diagnosis of such health misgivings. The only hope for such victims is to hope that the blisters will subside on their own maybe depending on lifestyle and the general health a person is subjected to.

All in all, word from medical profession and pharmaceutical stores has it that cold sore diagnosis information has not really gained a significant and powerful insight in the cure of cold sore although early and timely vaccine administration might be the only hope to steer the status of the coming generations from a course of inevitable self destruction to that of progress and prosperity.

The Gaggia 14101

If you’re looking for a machine to make quality coffee then here is the best machine that will perfectly suit your needs. The Gaggia 14101 provides an adequate space to brew very rich espresso. This machine has outstanding features. It arrives with a seventy two ounce reservoir for water you can easily take it out for cleaning. This reservoir is large to don’t have to keep refilling it and you can enjoy a number of cups of coffee with only one fill. Its equipped with brass port filters and has group head that regulates temperature and maintains its stability. It has suitable features that suit the users perfectly. It has a water dispenser incase you want to enjoy drinking tea and has a frothing wand for all the cream lovers. It has a cup warmer that helps to keep your drink warm until you remove it from this machine. It also serves warm coffee for those who prefer to drink it when it’s warm.

Gaggia 14101 has several advantages in general. It has a very beautiful outlook and is made up of distinguished material that makes it sturdy and robust. With the presence of the large reservoir, it’s possible to serve several cups of coffee. It has a filter with a big surface area and this makes cleaning it quit easy. The coffee shots or espresso produced by this machine maintains consistency even after use for a very long time.

There are various reasons why I love coffee so much. They include its ability to lower blood glucose level; can increase metabolic activities and bifidobacteria in the gastrointestinal duct which is very beneficial to the body. It lowers the risks of some diseases like stroke, cancer of the liver, Parkinson’s disease, type two diabetes, cancer of the kidney and prostrate. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. This great benefit of coffee makes it very important to have this machine in the comfort of my home. Get Gaggia 14101 today and enjoy the wonderful experience.