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San Antonio TX News – What’s Going On In The River City This Weekend?

San Antonio is the oldest municipality in the entire state. That’s news in and of itself to most people, albeit historical news. It also is ranked #2 in terms of population in the state of Texas, and not everyone realizes that either, with Dallas, Houston and Austin in the mix. What is going on in River City USA this weekend in terms of news?

One breaking news headline is about a man that was found underneath a car by police. He had been shot and has since died. There was also a drive by shooting on the northwest side of San Antonio, and two people were injured. As for the weather, well, it is a cold and damp weekend so far. Rain is falling intermittently, but it’s mostly the lingering temperature drop that is making it feel like winter out there.

Another news headline talks about how Santa and Mrs Claus visited a daycare center that is mourning for the victims of Sutherland Springs. It is so tragic what happened at the church there, and it is hard to put into words much else than that, just knowing what that community is going through. God be with them.

Another news report talks about two people working at the prison being arrested because they tried to give contraband to inmates. Also in the news, there is a pitbull that just made K-9 officer in San Antonio. Have you heard of any other pitbulls getting that honor?

I’m not sure I agree with that last news story, but who always agrees with the news. And who always wants to hear all the news? There is quite a lot going on in San Antonio, and too many negative headlines can be depressing. That is what is going on in River City this weekend. What is happening in your neck of the woods?

San Antonio apartments

Incredible Whereabouts

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State-Of-The-Art Living – a True Experience!

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San Antonio apartments

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We all have seen pictures and clips of places that everyone desires to live at – while some of us choose to make our lifestyle good to go, some of us make sure that the place we live at should be perfect in all ways. San Antonio apartments for rent offer such live style that could proof to be your dream place and that too at much affordable rates overall. San Antonio, the busiest city of Texas, offers the best of the living in apartments. Continue Reading